Personal Banking

Our Personal Banking offerings are tailored to meet your financial requirements, regardless of whether you require a current account, loan, savings, investment, or easy payment options through cards, mobile, or online platforms.

We provide products and services to suit all your financial needs. Whether you want to open a current bank account, a savings account, apply for a loan, or make an investment, Alliance Union Bank is here. We offer convenient payment solutions via credit cards, your mobile phone, or the internet, making sure that you can always get what you need, wherever you are.

Current Account

Introducing Primus Credit Union Current Account

At Primus Credit Union, we recognize the importance of dependable and adaptable banking services for managing routine financial activities of businesses. Thus, we present the Primus Credit Union Current Account, specially crafted to meet the varying demands of companies, irrespective of their size.

Join numerous businesses that trust Primus Credit Union as their banking partner of choice. Our Current Account provides you with the essential tools and services to streamline your financial operations, enhance your cash management, and optimize your business efficiency.

Fixed Deposit

Primus Credit Union Fixed Deposit

At Primus Credit Union, we know how crucial it is to maximize your savings and attain financial stability. Hence, we provide the Vintage Global Capital Fixed Deposit, a safe and lucrative investment alternative that enables you to effortlessly enhance your wealth.

Open a Fixed Deposit with Primus Credit Union and let your savings work harder for you. Our Fixed Deposit offers a secure and convenient investment avenue, helping you achieve your financial goals while preserving capital.

Primus Credit Union Cards

At Primus Credit Union, we understand that your financial needs are unique and ever-evolving. That's why we offer a range of Vintage Global Capital Cards designed to provide you with convenience, flexibility, and enhanced purchasing power. Whether you are shopping, traveling, or managing your day-to-day expenses, our cards are tailored to suit your lifestyle and financial goals.

Select the Primus Credit Union Card that meets your financial requirements and fits your everyday routine. Benefit from the ease, versatility, and safety that our cards provide whether you're making purchases, going on trips, or handling your regular expenditures.